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Employee Attendance & Record Management System

This employee attendance management application is to track the employees’ records, contact details, and attendance. The purpose of developing employee attendance and record systems is to computerize the traditional way of taking attendance, which is time-consuming, more error-prone, and complex for calculation.

This employee record management system is specifically designed to help the administration to make daily attendance marking faster, more accurate and simpler due to its auto computation features. It also allows the employees to view their history, working time, and send work reports on a quarterly and monthly basis.

With this employee management system application, an employee can view the contact details of the other employees and contact them if required.

employee attendance detail in mobile app


Programming Language

  • Xamarin Forms C#


  • Xamarin Forms (Android)


  • iOS/Android


  • SQL Server

Frame Work

  • Asp.Net MVC Web API
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different layout of employee attendance mobile app


The client wanted to develop an application which could help them track the employees’ data and attendance digitally. They wanted an app which consists of the data of the employees, their attendance, work time, history and task list.

UI/UX Consulting

This app design needs to collect employees' data for their attendance, contact details, leaves, and more. Our client was looking to design and develop an automated system that takes attendance integrated with daily work and other activities. Here, the system needs to be simple yet organized for easy access and understanding.

employee management mobile app


Employee management system application is developed with the help of Xamarin language. This application consists of various features like:

  • Employee personal details
  • Employee database
  • Work details
  • Work report
  • Working time
  • History

Final Outcome

Finally, by understanding the requirements and implementing the flowchart of the employee management system, our Xamarin developers delivered a successful application to the client. If you want to develop an employee management system application to make an error-prone and hassle-free work, hire Xamarin developers from The One Technologies and consult our team now.

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