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Health and Fitness App - Fitness and Social Application

The health and fitness app helps every neighborhood to have a running group. With this app, you can create your own neighborhood running group and interact with the members. You can create a team in the app and invite your friends and neighbors to join you.

This health and fitness app helps you create the plan and find local group runs, connect with Olympic level runners and elite coaches to help you be your best, form teams and neighborhood running groups and register for races in your area.

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Programming Language

  • Objective C


  • Xcode




  • Android & iOS


  • NET Web API
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Our client was health and fitness conscious so he wanted to have an app on both - iOS and Android platforms which helps people to find runners in the neighborhood. He believes that runners are a social fabric that’s meant to be well connected. Hence, a client wanted to make an app where users can create a running group, add members and invite friends to join.

Having this idea in mind, the client approached The One Technologies to develop this health and fitness app for Android and iOS platforms. After analyzing requirements and internal discussion, our developers suggested some interesting and useful things like users can trace their actual position through GPS spots.

Seamless Integration

Our client was looking to develop a fitness-based application that helps the user to maintain their health and get fit by creating a group for running. So, this app act as an assistant to help an individual know about runners in their neighborhood.

Besides, it asks for features that help them give notifications and group chat for joining new friends, daily exercise, and more. An effective app design is required for both Android and iOS.

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The One Technologies has provided an app with following features:

  • Simplify planning and managing your runs.
  • Get a chance to connect with Olympic level runners and elite coaches.
  • Create and manage teams.
  • Keep track of every day running details.
  • Google map integration to find neighbors already connected with the app.
  • Comment and share photo of running.
  • Attractive dashboard for the stats based on selected period.

Final Outcome

After the hardship and adding many new features, finally, the application was successfully launched for Android and iOS. Our dedicated iOS and Android team have developed a comprehensive solution to fulfill the needs of the user. Loaded with robust features, the app has made it easier for people to monitor their daily activity for ensuring better health.

Right from creating the UI/UX design to building the entire back-end system, The One Technologies has the expertise in building the perfect fitness mobility app solution for your business.

Do you want to develop health and fitness workout apps? The One Technologies provides home-based fitness workout app development. Hire iPhone app Developer and Hire Android Developers to create the best fitness workout app for your device.

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