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Unlock captivating user experiences and elevate your online presence – hire our skilled Front-End Developers for visually stunning and highly interactive web solutions.

When you hire Front End Developers from The One Technologies, you're enlisting a team of creative minds dedicated to transforming your vision into a visually stunning and highly interactive user experience.

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Why Hire Front-end Developers From Us?

We have delivered on-time superior front-end services to our clients. They have labeled us as the best front-end development company.

Whether it is a website framework, web content management systems, web template systems, or you want to maintain an existing website, we have professional resources and capabilities to develop your required application.

Top tech talent
Fast & easy onboarding
Support at every step
Flexible models
Efficient management
Quality deliverables
Direct communication with your team
No set-up and back-office hassle
Complete control over the project

Front-end Development Services

With over a decade of experience in mobile and web app development, we offer the best front-end development services including HTML / CSS development, theme development, and more, using technologies like React, Vue, and Angular.

UI/UX Design Services

We have skilled front-end UI/UX designers with hands-on experience creating elegant and competitive user experience designs.

Interactive Prototypes

In application design, the prototype must be interactive and user-friendly which helps your user understand the services.

Front end Engineering

We work on front-end web development tools for remarkable applications where our developers develop and deliver advanced solutions.

UI Integration

We provide the front-end UI into your web application with Ruby, PHP, or .NET for effective UI integration.

Redesigning Existing Solutions

If you plan to redesign and develop your existing application, our expert developers will assist you with the best front-end solutions.

MVP to Market-Ready Solutions

Hiring an expert front-end developer helps you decrease the MVP development cost. We will help you develop an MVP-to-market-ready solution.

Client Testimonials

review of dr. james broselow

We were looking for Accounting CRM and The One Technologies served us with the best application with all required features.

review of david wilson for the one technologies

Our app is available in the Google Play store, and working great. We are satisfied with the services and the final product.

review of jorge ferro for the one technologies

The team possesses the expertise and offered an attractive app along with a positive communication approach.

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Our Expertise in Developing Front ends

The One Technologies is a front-end web development company with expert developers and graphic designers for hire. Our developers are well-versed with the latest technologies like AngularJS, ReactJS, Vue.js, Node.js, and more. Above that, we are known for developing exceptional user interfaces and experiences.

logo of AngularJS


You will get declarative templates like MVM, MVVM, and MVC for data-binding, dependency injection, and great testability with AngularJS.

logo of react native


ReactJS is interactive and works effortlessly to build simple yet elegant designs for each stage in your application.

logo of vue.JS


Vue.js ensures growth with less response time and better performance for app development like SPAs.

logo of typescript


TypeScript is a syntactical set of JavaScript that joins optional static typing to the language.

logo of jQuery


jQuery UI is the ideal choice for front-end developers for UI interactions, widgets, effects, and themes as highly interactive web applications.

Our Front-end Development Tools & Technologies

To smoothen front-end development process, developers need certain tools and technologies to carry out the operations. Here is the list of tools and technologies front-end developers use at The One Technologies.

  • Knockout
  • AngularJS
  • ReactJS
  • Vue.js
  • TypeScipt
  • jQuery
PM Tools
  • Jira
  • Trello
  • Slack
  • Basecamp
Front-end Tools
  • HTML
  • npm
  • Sass
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Git
  • gulp.js
Testing Tools
  • Browser Stack
  • Chrome DevTools
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Advantages of Choosing Our Front-End Development Services

Advantages of Hiring Front-end Developers

Front-end development facilitates the development of business-focused user experiences for web applications. End-to-end development services assist with design, layout, programming, functionality, navigation experience, testing, and execution.

We possess in-depth knowledge in Front-end web development offering reliable Front-end applications. The One Technologies provide end-to-end Front-end development services to create small to large business applications. Hire our dedicated team who will provide the best services covering all your business requirements.

front end developers at work
Responsive Apps

Our experienced Front-end developers will develop responsive apps considering a flexible structure that enables the app to work smoothly.

Fast-paced Development

With the modern framework, we make it possible to fasten the pace of development. You will get a quality application in real-time covering all your requirements.

Technology Benefits

Front-end web development is backed with multiple benefits, such as easy to learn, scale, and implement. Besides, it offers a user-friendly experience in layer construction.


You will get the secure code for your business app using Front-end technology. Front-end is known for its security features in the world of cyber crawlers.

Real-time Programming

Front-end developers are happy to work on an attractive framework that offers real-time solutions.

Interested in Teaming Up with Us?

view of the one technologies office
We offer Project-based hiring for your flexibility where you can hire our expert resources based on your needs.

Fits Best for Agencies

  • Helpful for short-term project needs
  • For one who want to be less involved in project management
  • For less business predictivity
  • For fixed-price model due to budget-constraints (shared resources)
Partner With Us
developers discussing at the one technologies
You can choose the best resources from our skilled and talented in-house resources who will dedicatedly work for your project by uniting with your business processes.

Fits Best for Agencies

  • For long-term project
  • Required to manage project with high control
  • For more reliable project
  • Upscale and downscale on-demand
  • No hiring cost
  • Access to a talented resource
Partner With Us

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Choose the Right Front-end Web Developer for Your Business

To improve the sales of your online business, we help you develop web applications with Front-end technologies. Get complete customized web development solutions to enhance your business productivity.

Identify Your Recruitment Goals

Every business has different requirements based on what solution they need to build. When hiring resources for mobile and web app development, you must know and decide on your recruitment goals to hire the right Front-end developers. It will help businesses streamline the process and increase productivity.

Here is the process of recruitment you could start with:

achieving goals with accuracy
Magnificent Compatibility

We have skilled and experienced developers who have delivered remarkable Front-end applications. Get a fully optimized and compatible cross-browser website from us.

Boost Performance

With a dedicated development team and technical experts, we provide Front-end development services with the help of advanced technologies for performance-based websites.

Responsive Themes

For attractive and flexible E-commerce web development services, we have capabilities and resources for responsive themes with different screen sizes.

Transparency in the Work Process

Transparency is the key to a long-term business, and the team of The One Technologies follows the same for all the customers to get a seamless experience.

You’ll need to recruit a candidate who not only understands code but is also able to adapt to your culture. Hence, set your recruitment goals from the very beginning.

Interview Process to Hire Front-end Web Developers

At this stage, you know the requirements and identified recruitment goals. It's time to choose the right Front-end developer through a detailed interview.

front-end developers discussing in the office
Create a Job Ad

To hire the best resources, mention the job details and express your expectations of a Front-end developer upfront. It will help you get the right resources hassle-free.

Make a Candidate Evaluating System

With the help of an evaluation system, you can evaluate candidates’ skills and experience for website development. Besides, you can have the candidate's score and choose one that fits your requirements.

Audio/Video Interviews

After evaluating Front-end developers, you can schedule audio or video calls with them to learn their skills and knowledge in person. It will support you in assessing a candidate's capabilities.

Carry Out Skills Test

You can structure the skill test to matche all the required elements closely. You can ask to perform a test to finalize the skills.

Final Review

Once the selected developers have performed their tests, you can analyze and review their work and hire the most suitable candidate.

Here is the time to hire Front-end developers to develop a robust and scalable website.


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Discuss your requirements or an app idea with us to get competitive app solution. Our specialist will guide you in the best possible way.

Hire Front-end Developers

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Front-end sites secure?

Yes, Front-end development technology is a well established JavaScript framework. It's effective at building high-traffic websites and maintaining it securely as well.

Which technologies are used by your Front-end development company?

Having more than 10 years of experience in this Front-end development services, apart from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The One Technologies also uses new-age technologies like ReactJS, Vue.js, and Knockout for Front-end development.

What is the best way to contact you?

Skype or Email is the most preferred method to contact us. We check emails on our smartphone regularly in case we are not in the office.

Why hire a front-end developer?

1. To develop robust app design and user-based experiences.
2. To execute customized features for your audience.
3. Expert front-end developers offer in detail development processes and execute industry trends and technology.
4. To develop a successful and competitive front-end application for your business.
5. To build standard code that serves best for your future projects.

How do I hire a good front-end developer?

Here are the 4 simple steps to hire Front-End Developers:
1. Set your project requirements.
2. Find developers from a Top Front-end development company.
3. Communicate with Experienced frontend developers.
4. Sign a contract with the development company.

How do you assess a front-end developer?

Here are the 6 ways to select your front-end developer:
1. Choose the best front-end developer by evaluating their experience. You can outsource your project to a front-end development company.
2. Go through the developer's Portfolio.
3. Check their past projects.
4. Communicate with them to their expertise.
5. Ask them to Do a Kolbe Test.
6. Share your project requirements to know the quotation.

What questions should I ask my front-end developer?

Front End Developer Interview Questions
- How do you guarantee that your website design and development are user-friendly? 
- What are your preferred features of HTML5?
- How do you implement in front-end development projects?

How much does it cost to hire Frontend Developers?

It highly depends on your project needs, the location of Frontend developers to hire, and the level of Frontend developers you choose.You can hire a frontend developer that approximates charges from $12 to $14 per hour and up to $20 an hour of experience developers. Contact us to know more.

More about Front-end development company

A successful website or app must be functional, clean, unique, and attractive, appealing to customers and maintainings their interest. Where every client has specific requirements, front-end development of any website is challenging and crucial. Being a top-notch front-end development company in India, USA, and Canada, we create interfaces keeping in mind the end-users of the business. Each application is developed with the utmost expertise to make it look equally stunning on large desktop screens and mobile devices.

Websites need to offer a seamless experience to users to boost customer retention. Many customers switch preferences where a web-based application is too complicated. Thus, any organization that aggressively deals with multiple users online must ensure its front-end is equipped with strategic designs that help customers navigate the application easily.

Front-end User Interface Development

Our resources are trained to deliver intuitive user interfaces that streamline the search process for a better digital presence.

Front-end Architecture and Design

We leverage the benefits of Front-end technologies to develop future-driven architecture and app design for superior user experience.

Custom Front-end Development

Get our custom Front-end development services to cover all your business requirements into a scalable and secure application.

Maintenance and Support

Our technical team will help you maintain your application for better performance and work dedicatedly to add the latest updates.

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