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Online Examination Portal

This online examination portal website is to centralize the data of all institutes or colleges - questionnaires, test/exam papers, reports, marks history and student details in one place. It’s an automated system where new student registration, tests/exams can be given online, and the work can be done in isolation too.

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Programming Language

  • Python


  • React JS


  • MySQL


  • Django

Web Server

  • Nginx

Other Information

  • Exam Portal
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online examination web portal development


The client wanted to develop an application for student registration, exams, and evaluation process, which also includes conducting practical exams and payment integration.

UI/UX Consulting

A website for the online examination portal is required to help users with test papers/ exam papers/ questionnaires, and more information in the form of study material. Clean and simple UI/UX was required so users can access the data and navigate easily.

list of exams in website


Breaking the existing system gradually and making way for the digital technologies incorporating all the client requirements, our Python developers developed an exact online examination and evaluation portal.

  • Admin interface
  • Student interface
  • Set question papers
  • Payment integration
  • Generate reports
  • Result details

Final Outcome

Our dedicated team of Python developers made sure we were right on track with the client’s vision on this. As a renowned online exam portal development company, The One Technologies ensured that it was user-friendly and extranet-friendly so that the admin can easily access it sitting anywhere.

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