The Future of .NET Development: Trends and Predictions

The Future of .NET Development: Trends and Predictions

With the continuously evolving technology landscape and increasing user demands, the .Net framework is a buzzword in the developers' town. Numerous small to enterprise-level businesses currently use the .Net framework as their primary technology. But, sometimes, a software development company misses some updates and then lacks in development which directly impacts the app's functionality and fails to deliver the expected results.

Here are the latest .Net development trends you need to know in 2023 and beyond to keep yourself updated. But before proceeding further, let us briefly revise about .Net development, and we are good to go!

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What is .Net Development?

.Net is an open-source web and mobile application development framework developed by Microsoft in 2002 to build cutting-edge software apps. The beta version of .Net was released in 2001, and since then, it has gained immense popularity due to its flexibility and ability to deliver comprehensive business solutions. Each release adds various advanced features and functionalities, making the .Net framework a popular choice for development.

When it was initially released, the .Net framework would only operate on the Windows platform. But after the first release, it is compatible with various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS. Currently, 4.8.1 is the latest .Net framework version. Two types of .Net frameworks are available in the market - the .NET and .NET Core frameworks. Businesses and developers highly prefer both frameworks because they support almost all programming languages. Also, the popularity of the .Net framework is never-ending and has a great future.

Now, let us quickly look at some of the hidden facts you need to know about .Net development.

Some Facts And Figures

Statista states that the .Net Framework is widely used among developers worldwide as of 2022.

.net framework worldwide report 2022

According to Statista reports, the global gaming industry is increasing rapidly and is expected to reach $482 Billion in 2027.

Increase use of .net in global gaming industry

According to Google Trends search results, the usage of the .Net framework has remained stable from 2022 till now.

Google trend report on .net framework

Latest .Net Development Trends

#1 ML.NET 1.4

Machine learning is one of the trendiest topics globally as medium and enterprise-level businesses are automating their operations and processing enormous amounts of data. And when it comes to building apps using ML and creating unique algorithms, and modules, the latest .Net technology – ML.NET is there to help you. It is an open-source ML framework introduced by Microsoft that allows developers to build custom machine-learning models.

With each release, ML.Net continues to enhance performance capabilities. It also supports deep learning, reinforcement learning, and other innovative strategies, which results in building more sophisticated machine-learning models. This is not the end; it also helps your .Net project improve experiences, detect frauds, predict growth, and learn customer behaviors. ML models use languages like F# and C# without moving to platforms other than .Net.

#2 Blazor Framework

C# is a programming language in .Net development that allows you to operate on server-side and client-side scripting types. The latest development with Blazor is now integrated with C#, which lets you work on any web assembly using the capabilities of C# as your programming language. With Blazor, you can create rich interactive user interfaces using C#, and if you are using HTML and CSS, you can reuse web components and produce web apps.

Popular frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular use JavaScript to build interactive UIs, but using Blazor means leaving them behind, which is a tough transition for web developers. This .Net development trend is one of the most useful as it will help developers overcome the usual challenges that might occur during the development phase and learn the best coding practices.

Here are some attributes of Blazor that you need to know:

  • Compatible with JavaScript
  • No additional plugins required.
  • Apply validation and forms
  • It renders specifically on the server-side
  • Build simple and intuitive layouts
  • Compatible with all the latest web and mobile browsers

#3 Xamarin Development

Xamarin is one of the best cross-platform technology stacks that allows developers to write a single code base to achieve native performance and feel on each platform. Also, developers can share an average of 90% of their applications across various platforms. It is cost-effective and saves time that you might invest in creating multiple solutions for different OS.

According to .Net Trends data, around 11% of developers worldwide search for the Xamarin business for the application development project.

hire top-notch net development services

#4 Azure Kubernetes Service

Kubernetes is a developer-friendly environment, and its services are universally available and managed by Kubernetes services, making it easy for developers to build containerized apps. This is one of the most useful .Net framework trends that gives a quick end-to-end app development experience and serverless Kubernetes for high-end security and governance to developers.

#5 ASP.NET Core Docker Support

Recently, Google Trends produced various queries which stated that more and more people are searching for ASP.NET Core-related topics instead of traditional ASP.Net. This shows the development industry is ready to embrace the new open-source software development culture. You will be surprised to know Microsoft is releasing new .Net Core updates that can be used to design client-server architecture, REST APIs, and full-stack applications.

You can also deploy apps on a microservices architecture with Docker support for ASP.NET Core progressive web applications. It enhances scalability, security, and stability, as you can configure components for all your services.

#6 Advanced Security

With the constantly evolving digital era, cyberattacks are also increasing. The .Net framework offers a high-end security system with the best performance and seamless experience. It comes up with enhanced security features with all its latest versions that can prevent your device from control-flow attacks, ensuring memory pages are not writable. This can be done with the W^X feature available on Apple systems by default but not Windows.

.Net development offers a variety of easy-to-configure and excellent security controls for several types of applications. It also allows you to leverage in-built mechanisms such as Access control, authentication, authorization, HTTPS configuration, input validation, and more.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, technologies and tools come and go in the blink of an eye. So, it becomes challenging to keep up with the technology. But the .Net framework has remained consistent since its launch in 2002, becoming a popular choice among developers to build new-gen feature-rich software applications.

To stay ahead of the competition, every ASP Net development company should hold its position tightly by diversifying the latest.Net development trends to build next-gen web applications, websites, and mobile-based apps. You can also hire .Net developers from us; our services align with the latest tech trends to ensure your app stands out from the rest.

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