Top 5 Reasons Why Xamarin is the Ideal Choice for Enterprise Development

Top 5 Reasons Why Xamarin is the Ideal Choice for Enterprise Development

Enterprises have tough challenges when it comes to developing applications that are supported by multiple devices. They get into a dilemma about choosing the right technology for their customers - native development or cross-platform app development services. And somehow if they choose to go with the cross-platform app development, then the next question comes which would be the best and ideal one - Xamarin or others?

As a matter of fact, more than 28% of fortune 500 companies prefer to hire Xamarin developers. This statistic proves that Xamarin has found its way into the market.

Since the day Microsoft announced their purchase of Xamarin, the entire app development industry turned its eyeballs towards Xamarin as it has many benefits to offer. Hence, Xamarin app development services have become the most trending for enterprise development.

Talking about Xamarin, if you are new to the industry and not aware of Xamarin, then this article is for you. Let’s delve into the world of Xamarin app development services and know why it is getting higher in demand for enterprise app development.

Let’s get started.

What Xamarin Brings to the Table for Enterprise Application Development?

Xamarin is one of the best cross-platform development, having the ability to develop mobile apps, emerging as a key player in the mobile app industry. Xamarin allows developers to develop iOS, Android, and Windows applications for enterprises using C programming language, NET Framework, and Microsoft.

In fact, over 80% of enterprises have chosen the Xamarin app development platform for their business applications.

Xamarin offers high accessibility and supportive development which makes it one of the most potent enterprise application development platforms.

Here, as a mobile app development company, we have curated some of the best reasons that make Xamarin app development company a popular choice for enterprises.

Features That Makes Xamarin Unique for Enterprise Application Development

Write Once & User Everywhere

Xamarin app development uses the C# programming language, which is the popular programming language in the world of development. It uses a web browser and web-view concept to create an app that runs across devices. Due to which a developer is required to write the code in one language. After that, a pre-built cross-platform tool will create an app that performs on all other platforms.

The common phenomenon of C# is static type checking which handles the errors with ease to prevent them from entering the app development stage. And this could be the reason why C# has made its way to the robust programming language as compared to other programming languages.

Similarly, C# is embedded into the .NET framework as well. Therefore, the various versions of Xamarin such as Lambdas, LINQ, etc can work well with .NET features. Moreover, with C# syntaxis, you can easily access iOS and Android SDKs.

The main feature of C# which attracts a plethora of developers is the logical algorithms. The same code is used to develop various apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. Hence, written code in Xamarin using C# acts as native components. This increases the performance of the application.

build xamarin app

Simplification of Cross-Platform UI Designs with Code Shareability

Xamarin allows code shareability with 90%. The Xamarin.Forms components create pikes in a shared code by up to 90%. This way, you can apply UI code and design to any mobile platform natively similar to operating systems.

Using Xamarin.Forms, you can build solid and component user interfaces. However, if you wish to add additional functionalities and features to the UI, you can use Xamarin Native.

In case, if you wish to customize your backdrop of the client-side logic, Xamarin.Forms can play an effective role.

Using the same code across multiple platforms, if you find any bugs, you can fix them from a single place. This leads to faster app development as well as high-quality app performance.

Easy Testing of Apps

As per the above feature, Xamarin.Forms allows developers to write one code for all the platforms. Every Xamarin developer can make the most of the development tools using Xamarin app development. Additionally, its rapid testing capabilities embedded in it to keep an app error-free. Hence, no developer has to face the troubles of product testing due to inadequate testing techniques.

On the other hand, Xamarin Test Cloud allows the testing of mobile apps on different platforms by recording user interaction and generating test cases. The Test Recorder provides efficient ways for UI application testing.

Lower Development Cost

Development cost is the major factor for organizations. However, you can reduce it and increase the development process by having a good command over Xamarin language including C#, .NET framework and the development nature of iOS, Android, and other platforms.

Albeit, there are some scenarios that involve the development of device-specific requirements which could add complexity, but probably over 50% of applications don’t have these challenges. Xamarin also tries abstract libraries and plugins to enhance the development process.

Flexible Integration

For cross-platform app development, Xamarin offers a flexible interaction when it comes to using similar APIs and user interface controls. Also, it supports various programming languages for platform-specific applications such as Objective C, Java, and Swift. Having such a flexible integration, users can easily add new features while they open any operating system of devices.

Technical Features of Xamarin

Apart from the above-mentioned features, the Xamarin framework also offers various technical advantages such as:

  1. Native platform integration for iOS and Android
  2. Various code signing and exchange
  3. Application loader
  4. Google emulator manager
  5. Storyboard files
  6. Custom controls
  7. Diagnostic tools
  8. Visual Studio integration
  9. PCL and Android SDK manager


Being a versatile cross-platform app development service, Xamarin can be an ideal choice for your enterprise app development. Xamarin is known to offer robust, flexible, and cost-effective solutions. Enterprises can leverage the many potential benefits and advanced capabilities provided by the Xamarin platform.

But remember, you can only make the most from the Xamarin platform when you get experienced services from someone expert Xamarin app development company, The One Technologies.

So, are you looking to develop an app using Xamarin development services? Hire Xamarin developers from us who can help you with the most reliable Xamarin app solutions.

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