Why Should You Choose Python for Real-time Applications?

Why Should You Choose Python for Real-time Applications?

Python is one of the top high-level programming languages that has been widely used by developers for a long period. Python is a dynamic language that is focused on rapid application development. It offers developers an easy syntax and code as compared to other programming languages like Java or C++. Python is one of the fastest-growing languages.

Many developers have been utilizing the Python language for a long time and it has stood out as one of the most prominent dialects today. The libraries and support make it obvious for any application that enables mobile applications, web applications, IoT, and AI applications with features-rich.

Python allows developers to develop a real-time application such as Games, Web applications, Enterprise applications, Scientific and computational applications, Image processing and graphic design applications, GUI based desktop applications, etc.

Most of the developers believe that Python programming language is the fastest programming language. Its never stopping growth ability helps developers to excel in different domains. Let’s explore the main Python application and why you should choose it for real-time applications.

What Are Real-Time Applications?

Real-time application is a huge accomplishment that happened in the modern era. There are many virtual assistants for every platform - Siri, Cortana, Alexa, many more. With these real-time applications and having the accessibility of the internet, users can easily access the information and also can get regular updates with notifications.

A real-time application is an app that can access and share information in real-time over various devices. Chatting apps, video conferencing apps, gaming apps, IM, cloud apps, and community storage solution apps are the greatest examples of real-time applications. A mobile app company can build chat apps, mobile apps, or business apps using real-time apps.

However, the real-time domain is widespread, you must consider the platform and toolset, contingent upon the kind of application. If you are not experienced in this technology and industry, then you must know some considerations while developing real-time applications.

What Types of Challenges Does a Mobile App Developer Face?

real time mobile app development

When mobile app development services develop real-time applications, the road of development is loaded with challenges and hurdles. It consists of security, accessibility, scalability, operational efficiency, etc. As a mobile app developer, you should look into some consideration factors before choosing the best programming language.

Choosing the right and suitable programming language leads your business to a great level of success. Hence, before choosing a language, you should look into its advantages and disadvantages. For that, you should consider the following criteria:

  • Community Support
  • Accessible Framework
  • Language Efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Technology Stack

You will surely find plenty of programming languages at the moment, yet what makes a language special is its features. You can definitely go with Kotlin, C, C##, Java, AngularJS, Python and many more.

But while considering the perfect programming language, Python breaks the table and tops it.

Advantages of Choosing  Python for Real-time Applications

1. It’s Free

Python is an open-source and free-to-use programming language. It doesn’t require any custom-built platform. Therefore, desktops and laptops are compatible with this language. The modules and libraries that Python provides are completely free.

2. Compatibility

Python is very much compatible with real-time software applications. Micro-Python is a version of Python for real-time applications that explicitly keeps running on micro-controllers like ARM Cortex-M3/4.

3. Data Analyser

real time data analysis python

There are many free libraries available which are used to develop real-time applications. The important data is being used by the language that is stored locally or in the database for analysis. The best part of the analysis is that the foundation is done well before time and the functionality drops in.

4. Extensive Libraries

Python consists of different comprehensive libraries which are used for string operations, Internet, web services, operating system interface, and conventions. The highly used programming tasks in Python are pre-scripts and that restricts the length of the codes that are to be written in Python. You will get many libraries like libraries for regular expressions, documentation generation, unit testing, web browser, database, threading, email, image manipulation, and more functionalities.

5. Automation Testing

Python helps developers to create an automated test including regression testing that enables the controlling tools to send or receive messages from the system. Python scripts come in with various sets of applications, sets arrangements, and tests all potential outcomes that the system may face with the outside world. Also, if the developers find any bugs, they can easily detect them and change the code.

6. Object-Oriented Language

A programming language that is capable of modeling the real world is called an object-oriented programming language. It aims at objects while combining data and functions. On the other hand, procedure-oriented language is responsible for different functions having reusable codes. The main advantage of adopting the Python language is that it supports both procedure-oriented and object-oriented programming languages.

7. Easy to Embed

Python allows developers to write code in different languages like C++. This permits incorporating scripting capacities in the program of different languages.

8. Easy to Integrate

Python coordinates the Enterprise Application Integration that invokes COM or COBRA components and helps in developing web services. Python processes XML and other markup languages as it is capable of running on different modern operating systems by means of similar byte code.

9. Cost-effective

python development cost

Companies are bound to develop applications within their given budget. Python is the best option for bootstrappers and start-ups as it does not cost you high.

10. Speed

Python offers object-oriented design and also possesses strong integration with text processing abilities. With the unit testing framework, it upsurges speed and furthermore profitability. Thus, it’s the perfect choice for building scalable multi-protocol network applications.

With Python, You Can Develop Real-time Applications Such As:

  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Dropbox
  • Disqus
  • Pinterest


The Python programming language has been very popular among developers for a very long time, and it’s for all the good reasons. Not only Python is simple but also easy to use, flexible, and reliable. Due to its various features and benefits, Python emerges as the most trusted language as well. Big companies like Google, YouTube or Reddit are leveraging this language, so why should you not!

Well, if you are planning to develop a real-time application for your business or any idea in your mind, then you should reach out to the experienced and trusted Python app development company for real-time application development. You can also hire Python developers from The One Technologies to develop an effective real-time application development. So, let’s get connected here and start web development.

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