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Common Myths in the IT Industry

  • chandrapratap
  • Nov. 15, 2022, 10:25 a.m.

In the Present day,there is no single day when technology is not used on a daily basis. Although,sometimes we take technology for granted like WiFi, our computers/laptops and smartphones, sometimes we can stop and wonder how our devices work. Day by day Technology is changing continuously and becoming more complex and it is becoming very difficult for the average person to completely understand how something works. This misinterpretation and misunderstandings can give rise to myths and improper information that can cause more harm than good. There are a lot of misconceptions about the IT industry but with the help of research, analysis and by discussing  it with people of the tech industry and tech community we've been able to discover some of the myths about the tech industry. 

Whether you're in the process of buying your first laptop or turning your home into a smart home, you might be wondering what some of the common myths in the IT industry are. In fact, you might even think some of these myths are true because they are so widespread. To clear out these misunderstandings we've found this list of seven common myths in the IT industry. 

1.You require a Computer Science Degree: The biggest and one of the first myth which everyone believes that a computer science degree is must to work in IT sector.But there is no such thing like this.A person with any educational background or with any educational degree can work in a technical field. Even at the entry level, technical skills are often acquired on the job, and education other than computer science allows the employee to have a different overview and bring new ideas to the role.To do this, people think you need a lot of experience to work in tech. Most tech employers care less about what you look like on paper and more about what skills you have.

2..Closing apps open in the background saves battery : As you switch between different social media platforms like Instagram,Twitter,  Facebook,  Pinterest ,Youtube or any other  app on your mobile entire day, they will continue to go on  in the background. Most smartphone users believe that leaving these apps running in the background even when you are not using them finishes or lowers  your mobile phone's battery life. Many users claim that closing these apps running in the background can help keep their battery charged longer.Fortunately, this is not true. Having an app running in the background has no effect on your phone or tablet's battery life, so you don't have to worry about your phone draining if you've accidentally left many apps running  the entire day.  

3.Tech Isn’t Creative : Another myth about the IT industry is that when you work in the tech industry, both left and right brain thinking is valuable. Creativity is required in every field.While strong analytical skills,attention to detail and organisation are useful in a technical career, don't underestimate the power of creativity.There is no such thing which doesn't require creativity.  Solving database problems, solving network problems, and building new software all require creativity in short , everything in the tech requires Creativity.  

4.Tech Industry is only for boys : Although men make up the majority of individuals working in technology, there are still many women who obtain these types of jobs. According to data from the National Science Foundation more women than ever are earning STEM degrees and they're outpacing men in earning bachelor's degrees in science and engineering. There are many male-dominated tech companies.But there are also many women-owned and operated tech companies. Skillcrush, for example, has about 90% employees. And there are plenty of great women in tech to turn to for inspiration.

5. Coders are anti-social : Another myth which people believe is that Coders are anti-social.This stereotype is wrong. Some people think they’re introverted, very serious,boring and gaming-obsessed but It’s not true.Tech people also do fun it’s just that they are more into the outdoors and adventurous activities like they go hiking,camping and mountain biking and since we help and talk with people at every level of a company, we actually have really good people skills. 

6. Advancement in tech is taking over tech jobs : There are many talks and discussions about highly advanced technology and artificial intelligence taking over tech industry and tech jobs. One of the famous Computer scientists Kai-Fu Lee believes that 40% of the world’s jobs might be highly replaced by automated robots. The speed at which technology is advancing some people think that tech jobs might be the first ones to go, but it is not possible.Traditional or manual coding is very complex and complicated. It may take many decades before AI robots could be able to stimulate humans in carrying it out. 

7.Tech is a really unstable career field and there’s no job security : There is some truth to this. There are many startups that are not particularly stable. They open and close sometimes at an alarming rate.But Engineering is generally a very stable career field. The unemployment rate in tech is between 2% and 3% - that's good.This is not the case in many industries, where a layoff may mean having to retrain for something completely different.If you lose one job because the company closed or downsized, you can be pretty sure you'll be able to find something else quickly if you have the skills you need. 

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