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Interesting Computer Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

  • Charles Babbage invented all the parts that are now used for the modern computers in 1833 itself. But the "first modern computer" was invented only 120 years later.
  • IBM 1311 was the first disk drive to use removable media. You may not believe, but the image below is the IBM 1311, it looks very similar to washing machine. Being so big, it only had storage capacity of fewer than 5 MB.IBM 1311Disk Drive
  • Every month almost 6000 viruses are created on an average. Scared ? Nothing to worry about, simply switch to Linux OS and that will work because technically they do not get affected by viruses.
  • ILOVEYOU is known to be the most dangerous virus ever created in the form of worm. It can replicate itself and crash the system very easily. It arrived via e-mail messages in the form of love letter. The magic of the virus starts when someone clicks the attachment available on the mail.
    Spam Emails
  • The first ever website to go live was "", it was created by Tim Berners-Lee at the research lab CERN 1990.
  • You can operate a computer without using an Operating System (OS). Only if you know how to do it. 
    GeForce 256
  • Did you know that there is a computer which can tell that whether the smile is real or fake? Trust me, it's not a rumour, it's absolutely true. A computer built at MIT does it.
  • The first ever mouse invented was made of wood, it had metal wheels to roll on and it can move the cursor only in straight line.

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