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New Privacy Policy Update of WhatsApp in India

  • Jan. 18, 2021, 5:55 a.m.

WhatsApp recently announced it is updating its terms of service and privacy policies from February 8. After coming under criticism from all sides, the Facebook-owned company is now reportedly under the government’s scanner as well.

What the new updates:

  • Whatsapp is updating its term and privacy policy
  • Key updates include more information about:
  • Whatsapp’s service and how we process your data
  • How businesses can use facebook hosted services to store and manage their whatsapp chats
  • How we partner with Facebook to offer intregration across the facebook company products

What Whatsapp says:

Whatsapp clarified it does not read or share personal chat message with parent company facebook and that users can opt out of using the new commerce features if they are not comfortable with those  messages being stored or used by the

US-based social media gaint.       

Some Questing Arrived in mind after this.

•    Does WhatsApp now share my messages with Facebook?
Answer: No.
•    Does WhatsApp share my location with Facebook? 
Answer: Only approximate location information.
•    Will WhatsApp show ads?
Answer: Not at the moment.
•    Will WhatsApp record and track my audio/video calls? 
Answer: No.


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